Horiba LAQUAtwin pH11 pH Meter

Horiba LAQUAtwin pH11 pH Meter
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  • Autocalibration function recognizes standards and is user-selectable for either one- or two-point calibrations.

  • Temperature compensation

  • IP67 waterproof

  • Auto hold

  • Automatic power off(30 minutes)

Product Description

Accurate pH measurements in a few seconds, from a single drop.*

Water pH varies in different environments, and a slight change can often have a major effect. 
Whether you need to keep the pH of an aquarium within tight limits, are checking for the acidity of rain water or for the quality of meat and fish products, LAQUAtwin compact pH meters are ideal for you. No matter where and when you need to test.


Applications include:

Fresh water testing (rain, rivers, lakes, hot springs); aquaria; drainage treatment solutions; soil testing for improved agriculture; fermentation and brewing; food freshness testing; research laboratories; QC of medical supplies and cosmetics; preventative dentistry; school education, etc.