Gas detection equipment is a critical piece of equipment that can help save lives. Gas detector data management system, when handled well can give you complete insights into a variety of data points. Seeing the condition of your gas equipment in a single glance you should be able to know whether or not your gas monitors are in good working order, competent enough to keep you and your workers safe.

Industry experts say that the moment you look at your gas monitor dashboard you should be able to comprehend the following:
– Test schedules and results
– Calibration schedules and results
– Instruments due for bump tests
– Instruments due for calibration
– Marginal or compromised sensors
– Low, empty or expired calibration gas cylinders

The following table provides comprehensive details about the life of most kinds of gas detectors.

The next question you should be able to answer is whether your gas detectors are being used properly or not. As a safety manager, you want to take comfort in the knowledge that your gas monitoring instruments are being used the way they should be and that you and your workers are not at any risk. In this regard you should have systems in place that tell you:

– Are your gas detectors being used without a bump test
– Were gas detectors used without completing the scheduled calibration
– During an alarm event, if any gas detector was turned off
– Are gas detector alarm values set properly

As a safety manager, it is your job to ensure, that none of your gas detection equipment is being used without calibration or bump tests.

In case of an alarm event, a good gas detection management system should be able tell you when your team is exposed to danger and how you responded to it. As a safety manager you should be able to look back at the event and study the following

– When did the alarm event happen
– Where did the alarm event happen
– Which gas detectors were used in the alarm
– Who was using the gas detector during the alarm
– Type of gas that caused the alarm
– Concentration of gas during the alarm event
– Duration of the alarm event

Following is an illustration showing a weak response and industry benchmarks:

So, as a safety manager, you should ensure that each of your facilities is following these benchmarks when it comes to using gas detection equipment.