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20x50 Activated Carbon - Prewashed Coal


20x50 Prewashed Coal Activated Carbon is a very fine granule mesh size. This media works very well in the distillery industry for filtering, stripping odors, taste, and/or impurities from spirits and/or shine.

Our 20x50 Prewashed Coal is not just for the distillers - this will work great in most liquid phase applications. Since it is prewashed, there is a lot less dust from the carbon making this some of the cleanest carbon on the market.

Our 20x50 Prewashed Coal Activated Carbon is certified by the NSF, it is suitable for drinking water and food grade applications.



Mesh Size 20x50, Min. 90%
Less than No. 20 Max. 5%
Greater than No. 50 Max. 5%
Iodine Number Min. 950 mg/g
Surface Area Min. 950 m2/g
Hardness Min. 98%
Ash Total Max. 3%
Moisture as Packed Max. 3%
g/cc 0.43 - 0.48


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