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4x8 Activated Carbon - Virgin Coconut Shell Charcoal


Our 4x8 coconut shell activated carbon is great for all purpose general use with VOCs and odors in air streams. From smelly odors to industrial laser exhaust filtration, this is ideal for vapor filtration. Our 4x8 coconut shell activated carbon is an activated carbon that is specifically manufactured from a sustainable raw material for the removal of gaseous pollutants.

The product has a high activation level resulting in the development of excellent adsorption characteristics. 4x8 coconut shell activated carbon is ideally suited to the removal of low molecular weight compounds present in low to medium concentrations. 


CCl4 Activity Min. 60
Total Surface Area 1150 - 1250 m2/g
Iodine Number Min. 1100 - 1200 mg/g
Apparent Density 0.50 - 0.52 g/cc
Moisture as Packed Max. 2%
Ash Max. 3%
Hardness Min. 98%
US Standard Sieve Size 4x8
Larger than No. 4 Max. 5%
Smaller than No. 8 Max. 4%


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