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ColorZap Powdered Carbon is effective in the treatment of moderately discolored liquids, food stuffs and chemicals. This material has a highly macroporous structure for efficient diffusion and adsorption of high molecular weight organic substances in liquid phase decolorization applications.

The chemical activation process produces an adsorbent with a surface pH designed to maximize decolorization performance. Strict control of the particle size is used to optimize adsorption kinetics and maintain high filterability.

  • Good decolorization efficiency
  • Acidic pH range
  • Sustainable raw material
  • Rapid adsorption kinetics
  • Range of particle sizes
  • Quick dispersion in liquids
  • Food codex compliant
  • Homogenous product
  • Food Chemicals Codex
  • Halal certified
  • Kosher certitied


Molasses Number (EU) Max. 120
Total Ash Content Max. 8%
Moisture as Packed Max. 10%
pH 1 - 4
Phosphate Content Max. 2%
Methylene Blue Index 150 mL/g
Surface Area (BET) 1700 m2/g
Iodine Number 900 mg/g
Water Soluble Ash 3%
Acid Soluble Iron Content 400 ppm

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