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AMS 5/8" Threaded Augers

by AMS


AMS Regular Augers are meant for use in almost all soil type. They are most commonly used for gathering disturbed soil samples close to the surface. It is also used to bore at certain depths to continue soils sampling processes. The bits of the regular soil auger are open to allow entry of small soil clumps and also smaller rocks and particles. An important factor to take note of is to be sure that all samplers you plan on using together have the similar connection type.

AMS Mud Augers were designed with a laser-cut, open cylinder shape that allows you to remove and sample heavy, wet or clay soils. The mud auger has two openings within the cylinder wall allow for emptying and wider bits then the regular auger to better capture stickier soils.

AMS Sand Augers were developed for both sand and dry soil usage. The sand auger uses a closed bit design with a restricted opening to prevent the loss of sampled material during retrieval. The sand auger has a cylinder similar to the regular soil auger, but the inner edges of the sand auger bits touch at their mid point to make the sand auger a much more reliable auger in loose, unconsolidated soil conditions

AMS Dutch Augers will help you to easily collect soil samples in even heavily rooted areas of earth. They was designed specifically to cut through highly fibrous and heavily rooted soils. They are excellent for use in, forests, vineyards and orchards. The unique open design of the dutch auger also allows for easier removal of hard or wet soils.