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Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit - 360.01

by AMS

The AMS Gas Powered Core Sampling Kit with gasoline-powered Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer is ideal for obtaining core samples up to a depth of *8ft (2.4m). *Achievable depth is dependent on soil conditions. The complete set contains Gas Powered REDI Boss Hammer, (1) 4ft. Deluxe AMS Carrying Case, (1) 3ft.

Deluxe AMS Carrying Case, GP Slotted Sampler Tube 4ft., (2) GP Upper Extensions 2ft., (2) GP Lower Extensions 2ft., GP Drive Head Adapter, (2) 12in. Pipe Wrenches, Clean Out Spoon, GP Drive Tip, GP Liner Retainer Coupler, AMS Foot Jack, 2in. Foot Jack Shackles (1 Set of 2), 1-1/2in. Core Catcher, Cleaning rods with brushes & T-handle, (4) plastic end caps, (1) plastic liner 1.5in. x 4ft & (1) plastic liner 1.5in. x 2ft.



Item weight

Box – 1 – 77 lbs. 54” x 17” x 7”   (kit components inside longer pelican case)

Box – 2 – 45 lbs. 40” x 19” x 8”   (foot jack components inside shorter pelican case)

Box – 3 – 41 lbs. – 25” x 16” x 16”   (gas-powered hammer)