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HORIBA LAQUAtwin S010 Replacement pH Sensor

by Horiba

Replacement pH Sensor for the Horiba pH-11, pH-22, pH-33, B-713, and B-213 pH Meters



  • Replacement sensor for LAQUAtwin B-711, B-712, B-713, pH-11, pH-22, and pH-33
  • Requires a minimum of 0.1 ml sample with direct measurement (0.05 ml with sampling sheet B)
  • Sensor guard has a  sliding cap for scooping water sample
  • Waterproof



pH Range 0 to 14
Liquid Junction Porous macromolecule
Minimum Sample Required 0.1 mL with direct measurement (0.05 mL with sampling sheet B)
Temperature Sensor Built-in
Operating Temperature Range 5 to 40º C

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