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Powdered Activated Carbon - Medical Grade Coconut Shell


Our Powdered Medical Grade Activated Charcoal has been specifically developed from the purest steam activated coconut shells to produce the highest quality and most effective charcoal on the market. 

This grit free medical grade charcoal powder has been specifically developed to be taken internally or applied topically to treat poisoning, toxins in the GI tract, food poisoning, skin health, teeth whitening, burns/wound treatment, severe diarrhea/vomiting, drug overdose, and many other uses.



  • Same day Shipping
  • Very fine, free of grittiness
  • Extremely high purity adsorbent
  • Suitable for ingestible preparations
  • Compliant with EU Pharmacopeia
  • Production facility approved by ANSM for GMP
  • Low trace metals content
  • Meets the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia



Appearance Black, Light Powder
Phenazone Absorption Power Min. 40%
Sulfated Ash Content Max. 5%
Moisture Content, as Packed Max. 5%
Solubility Not Soluble
Acids Soluble Substances Max. 3%
Coloration Test Pass
Percent Present Max. 5%
Heating Reaction Glows Red; Burns Slowly w/o Flame
Fluorescent Substances Pass
Alkali-Soluble Colored Substances Pass
Alkalinity (ml HCl) Max. 0.75
Sulfides Pass
Copper Max. 25 ppm
Lead Max. 10 ppm
Zinc Max. 25 ppm
Total Aerobic Microbial Count (TAMC) Max. 1000 nb CFU/g
Total Yeasts and Molds Count (TYMC) Max. 100 nb CFU/g



Disclaimer:  We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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