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RAE Systems AreaRAE Plus Yellow Portable Gas Monitor - LEL - Oxygen (O2) - Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) - 900 MHz Wireless

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MODEL: W01B-110102-056079-0000

AreaRAE Plus is a wireless, transportable area monitor that can simultaneously detect toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic chemicals, and meteorological factors that affect the speed and direction of the gas.

Whether you need to protect your community by monitoring a fence line, protect your employees during a maintenance turnaround, or protect your fire and hazmat team during emergency response, the AreaRAE Plus alerts you to threats with local audible and visual alarms. Plus, it works with Honeywell’s remote monitoring software to give you a real-time view of threat readings from a safe location.

AreaRAE Plus delivers flexibility for your changing requirements:


Up to six 4R+ sensors for toxic and combustible gas.

  • Choose from a mix of up to 20 sensors based on your needs and switch them out whenever your needs change.

7R+ photoionization detector.

  • Monitor VOCs in parts per million, with built-in compensation for temperature and humidity

Optional meteorological sensor for tracking toxic plumes.

  • Honeywell’s compact RAEMet sensor sits at the top of the AreaRAE Plus and measures wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity. This information is then modeled in Honeywell’s real time monitoring software which integrates the ALOHA hazard monitoring program.
• Industrial emergency response teams
• Maintenance turnarounds / Shutdowns
• Fence line monitoring
• Clearing a confined space for entry
• Wastewater pipeline rehabilitation
• Site remediation
• Fumigation, excavation and other
environmental liabilities

Ease & Flexibility
• Available in Rapid Deployment Kit
for quick threat assessment
• User-friendly interface; turn it on and go
• Flexible power options for short
and long-term deployments
• Easy to hear and see, with 108-decibel alarm
• Easy USB connection to configuration
• Built-in Mesh modem for short range comminution
with RAE Systems wireless portable detectors.
• Device Management with Honeywell Sotera™

Remote Visibility on Threats
• Delivers real-time readings to Honeywell’s
remote monitoring software, so
you can instantly determine the
location and severity of a threat
• Map-based display is accessible from
any computer with an internet connection
— or from our laptop as a turnkey host
• Enables coordination and data
sharing in joint operations