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RAE Systems MultiRAE Lite Multi-Gas Detector

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The MultiRAE Lite is the optimal one-to-six-gas monitor for personal protection and leak detection applications. The MultiRAE Lite is available in pumped and diffusion versions and features the broadest selection of sensor options in its class.

The MultiRAE Lite can be configured to exactly meet the detection needs and compliance requirements of various countries, industries, and applications.



MAB3-A2C112E-020 - 10.6 PID/LEL/H2S/CO/O2/Li-Ion Monitor Non-Wireless w/Basic Accessories

MAB3-A2C112E-021 - 10.6 PID/LEL/H2S/CO/O2/Li-Ion Monitor Non-Wireless w/Confined Space Kit

MAB3-A2C112E-02M - 10.6 PID/LEL/H2S/CO/O2/Li-Ion Monitor Non-Wireless w/Confined Space Kit & Cal Kit


Standard Configuration includes the following sensors, 10.6eV PID, LEL, CO, H2S, and O2. Contact us for other configuations and options.

Confined Space Kit: Hard Transport Case, Remote Sample Draw Kit (10" Sample Probe, 3 hydrophobic barrier filters, 10' teflon tubing)

Calibration Kit: 4-gas mix 34L, 100ppm Isobutylene 34L, 2 regulators


Pumped Models listed online only.