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RAE Systems MultiRAE Family Replacement PID Sensors

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Replacement PID sensors for the MultiRAE Gas Detector family of products.



MultiRAE Lite Pumped PID Sensor (1-1,000ppm;1ppm) - PN C03-0912-003

MultiRAE or MultiRAE Pro PID Sensor (0.1-5000ppm; 0.1ppm) - PN C03-0912-002  

MultiRAE Benzene PID Sensor (0.1-2000ppm 0.1ppm) - PN C03-0912-010 

MultiRAE Pro PID ppb Sensor (10ppb-2000ppm; 10ppb) - PN C03-0912-001

*Exotic Sensors Available - Call (800) 201 -8150