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(Rental Fleet Unit Used) TSI VelociCalc 9535 Air Velocity Meter w/ Straight Probe and Case

by TSI

This used unit is being sold in "AS IS" condition. These units are from our rental fleet. They have been well maintained and are ready to use for your field projects. 

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns are accepted on these meters. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak with one of our reps by calling: 949-757-0353


The Model 9535 VelociCalc® Air Velocity Meter is a versatile instrument for HVAC professionals. Owning one of these meters is like having multiple meters in one instrument. The 9535 can simultaneously measure and log several ventilation variables, including velocity and temperature, using a single probe with multiple sensors. The instrument can also perform flow calculations. Included with the 9535 is one telescopic straight probe, so you can easily reach ceilings and other hard to reach areas without a ladder.

Telescopic Probe

The Model 9535 includes a telescopic straight probe to help you measure these variables even in tough to reach places. Also included with the meter is a hard carrying case, batteries, calibration certificate, and the LogDat2™ Downloading Software.


TSI meters, including the Model 9535, provide substantially better accuracy at low flows and throughout a wide dynamic range than competitive instruments. This gives users improved performance in critical applications, so results are always reliable. Customers and distributors agree that TSI instruments allow for best-in-class data management and reporting. User generated reports from TSI instruments help you solve problems, saving time and money.


The 9535 is simple to operate. With it, users can optimize indoor environments and store data internally for later review. The unit is very rugged and will stand up to daily use and abuse. Plus, since the 9535 is a multi-parameter instrument, it will save you money in the long run because you don’t need to buy a probe for each measurement. If you do need additional probes, the 9535 will accept them with no additional programming or calibration.


The Model 9535 provides accurate air velocity measurements from 0 to 6,000 ft/min. Plus, it can display up to three measurements simultaneously. Internal calculations determine volumetric flow and actual/standard velocity for you, saving time. The 9535 can also log 12,700+ samples and 100 test IDs internally for later review. With the included USB cable and LogDat2™ Downloading Software, transferring this data to your PC is simple and easy.


The Model 9535 includes many unique features which make the instrument easy to use in virtually any application. The meter can simultaneously measure temperature and velocity as well as display up to three measurements simultaneously. All of this makes it the perfect meter for HVAC system perforomance tests, commisioning, plant maintenance, critical environment certification and duct traverses.