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Solinst Model 407 Bladder Pump Series (1" or 1.66" x 2")

by Solnist

Available in stainless steel or PVC, Model 407 Bladder Pumps provide consistent, accurate, reliable groundwater samples in all applications. Ensuring no air/water contact during operation, pumps are ideal for VOC sampling. PTFE bladders are ideal for dedication. Inexpensive polyethylene bladders are also available. Bladder Pumps are effective even in angled boreholes, to depths of 500 ft (150 m), and are excellent for low flow groundwater sampling.



  • Stainless Steel: 1.66" Ø (42 mm) and 1" Ø (25 mm) in 316 stainless steel. 1.66" Ø (42 mm) in PVC.
  • Non-Vertical Applications: Pumps operate effectively at almost any angle and can be placed under landfills, tailings, storage tanks or contaminant plumes.
  • Leachate/Product Pumping: Pneumatic drive pumps are well suited for pumping contaminant liquids. Strong solvents and corrosive chemicals can be easily and economically pumped.
  • Survives Dry Pumping, Dirty Air and Sand: Solinst bladders are not damaged by operation in sediment laden water, or in dry pumping conditions.
  • Freeze Protection Kit: Optional accessory available to prevent freezing in the sample line.
  • High Quality Samples: Consistently accurate samples with excellent VOC sample integrity.
  • Simplicity: The controller, air compressor and flow-through cell can be easily transported by one person to any site. Hookup to the pump is by compression fittings.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced need for repeat sampling and shorter time required for each sampling round. Low purge volumes ensure rapid sampling.
  • Bladders: Durable PTFE bladders are ideal for dedication. Inexpensive polyethylene is also available.