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EnviroSupply Skunk Sucker - Indoor Air Purifier


**Please request a quote using the quote request button above. These units are heavy and require freight shipping. **


Easy Refillable Air Filter For Cannabis Growers, Laser Cutters, CNCs, Processors, & Storefronts

We’ve heard your complaints, and have a solution for the growers, processors, and storefronts. This filter was engineered so you can easily re-fill these air scrubbers. No more buying pre-packed cylinder filters to throw it away to buy another filter. Remove odors from grow operations and cannabis plants using The Skunk Sucker. 

The Skunk Sucker has a 32 pound carbon media capacity. 

Each panel was fabricated “cake box” style. All you need to do when it comes to replacing the carbon media from one of the panels is lay it down on a flat surface and unscrew two fasteners. Toss the old media, and sprinkle in the new media and you are back in compliance.  

Why use an indoor purifier?

  • Protect crops from mold, pollen and bacteria
  • Creates a sanitized environment
  • Easy to set up
  • Filters out smells

We offer the first carbon media fill. The fan is not included with this price. 

Bulk Order/Distributor Discounts Available 


  • Replace your can fan filter with our refillable units
  • Flow Rates 200 to 3000 CFM 
  • Long Term Engineered Solutions 
  • Proprietary Filter Media Exchange Service Engineered Solutions 
  • We know what we’re filtering! 
  • Refillable Filters - No more throwing old filters away! 
  • We work with your HVAC contractor or current system mounted on the floor or elevated installation service. 
  • Our filters can be used with your current exhaust system!