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RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro CO2 Personal Monitors for Carbon Dioxide (PGM-1850)

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 Increase worker safety and improve incident response during compliance-related procedures and periodic testing with this rugged, easy-to-maintain device. The ToxiRAE Pro CO2 is the only wireless CO2 single gas monitor available on the market. The ToxiRAE Pro CO2 is a personal detector that keeps people aware of carbon dioxide levels and facilitates remote monitoring of those readings from a central command station. The ToxiRAE Pro CO2 includes a replaceable filter and sensor, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and automated bump testing and calibration to make it easy to use and maintain.

Available Instrument Configurations

NDIR Sensor (200 - 50,000ppm, 100ppm res.) / Datalogging / Wireless (900 MHz) - G02-0009-000

NDIR Sensor (200 - 50,000ppm, 100ppm res.) / Datalogging / Non-Wireless - G02-0007-000 

ToxiRAE Pro CO2 comes with:

• ToxiRAE Pro CO2 monitor with sensor and wireless option as specified, rechargeable battery, alligator clip, and protective rubber boot installed • Charging and PC communication cradle • PC communication cable • AC adapter (100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz AC to 12 V DC) • Calibration adapter • Quick Start Guide • CD with documentation • CD with ProRAE Studio II Instrument Configuration and data management software • Calibration and test certificate • Warranty/registration card