4mm Pellet Virgin Coal Activated Carbon Charcoal --1 lb. Bag

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4mm Pellet Virgin Coal Activated Carbon Charcoal --1 lb. Bag

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Our 4mm Virgin Bituminous Coal is an activated carbon that is suitable for the removal of a wide range of organic pollutants in the vapour phase. The predominance of micropores ensures effective removal of low molecular weight contaminants. The extruded form of this product offers exceptional durability, especially in annular and deep bed adsorption units where thermal stress may be high. 4mm Virgin Bituminous Coal is suitable for use in inert gas purification, for example carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and recovery of low boiling point solvents. If you have any questions about our 4mm Virgin Bituminous Coal Media or any of the other products we offer, feel free to call us anytime 1(800) 201-8150 or email us at order@envirosupply.net.

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Data sheetFeatures and Benefits

  • High activity product
  • Extruded form
  • Predominately microporous
  • Exceptional product hardness
  • Low dust forming properties
  • Good resistance to attrition
  • Wide range of pellet diameters
  • High organic removal capacity
  • Versatile adsorbent
  • Consistent pressure loss characteristics


  • CTC adsorption min. 60%
  • Moisture content, as packed max. 5%
  • Ash content max. 15%
  • Hardness min. 98%

Typical Properties:

  • Surface area 1050m2/g
  • Butane Adsorption 26%
  • Apparent density tapped 460 - 520 kg/m3
  • Filling density, loose packed 390 - 440 kg/m3
  • Pellet diameter tolerance ± 10% dia.
  • Specific heat 950 j/Kg/K-1


4mm Carbon Datasheet