H2S Odor Control

Did you know that activated carbon is widely used for odor control and also removal of a number of stages in municipal sewage treatment? Odors can occur in a number of areas and for a number of reasons at municipal waste water treatment plants. Sewage can be drudged up and sludge often accumulates causing a stinky situation. This often happens in trickling filters, pumping stations, digesters and in storage areas. To help you stay prepared, EnviroSupply can provide a range of activated carbon solutions for odor control.

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Mesh Size:                                        4×8
Less than No. 4, %                       5 (max)
Greater than No. 8, %                  10 (max)
Mean Particle Diameter, mm:          3.4 (avg.)
Moisture, % (as packaged):              8 (max)
Typical Density, lbs./cu.ft.               25
g/cc:                                              0.40
Hydrogen sulfide breakthrough
Capacity*, gH2S/cc carbon:             0.20 (min)


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