Activated Alumina HS-F - 42lbs (1 Cubic Ft.)

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Activated Alumina HS-F - 42lbs (1 Cubic Ft.)

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Product Description

Activatde Alumina HS-F absorbs metals including fluoride from potable water. Regeneration is normally used to operate at the most cost efficient levels, and is used to simultaneously lower fluoride to acceptable levels in a single treatment. The team at EnviroSupply is ready to answer any questions you have. Please give us a call today or order online now! Typical Properties of HS-F
  • Size: 28x48 mesh, 14x28 mesh
  • Al2O3: 93%
  • Na2O: .3%
  • Fe2O3: .01%
  • TiO2: .002%
  • SiO2: .02%
  • Loss on ignition (300-1000°C): 7%
  • Specific Surface Area: 330 m2/g
  • Total pore volume: .5 cm3/g
  • Bulk Density: 770;48 kg/m3 ; lb/ft3