Landtec Gem5000

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Landtec Gem5000
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Portable Landfill Gas Analyzer

The GEM™5000 portable measures the levels and percentages of landfill gas (LFG) composition and also calculates the flow. The GEM™5000 is a combination of the great features found in both the discontinued GA-90, which is ideal for monitoring gas migration probes, and the GEM-500, which is designed to monitor gas extraction systems. The GEM™5000 is certified intrinsically safe. It also reads the current Btu content, temperature (with optional Temperature Probe) relative and atmospheric pressures as well as CH4 LEL (Lower Explosive Limit).

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Product Description


  • Measures % CH4, CO2 and O2 Volume, static pressure and differential pressure
  • Calculates balance gas, flow (SCFM) and calorific value (KW or BTU)
  • Displays % LEL of CH4, and user-defined comments
  • Records site and well conditions
  • Extended operation (10 – 14 hrs use from one charge)
  • Certified intrinsically safe for landfill use
  • Dual Mode Two instruments in one (GA and GEM mode)


  • Designed specifically for use on landfills to monitor landfill gas (LFG) extraction systems, flares, and migration control systems.
  • No need to take more than one instrument to site.
  • Can be used for routine sub-surface migration monitoring of landfill site perimeter probes.
  • Measures gas composition, pressure and flow in gas extraction systems.
  • The user is able to set up comments and questions to record information at site and at each sample point.
  • Ensures consistent collection of data for better analysis.
  • Allows balancing of gas extraction systems.