Read what some of our happy customers have to say!

I just want to say thank you for the personal phone call this morning after I placed my order on-line (which was also placed this morning). This was the best service I have ever experienced while dealing with a company I found solely on the internet. I do most of my shopping on-line and in all these years your company has been the only one to personally call me, just to let me know that my order was received and shipping is in progress. Your awesome :)
- your customer for life, Leah

Shipment is here and in my possession! All 15 accounted for! Thank you and Mark for your hard work! You can show this to Mark...a happy customer.
- B. Rudd

Yes, I did receive your prices and I have to tell you that you have the best prices compared to Geotechnical Services, Pine, Environmental Service Products and Ashtead, so I’ll be seeing you a lot. Thanks again for responding so quickly.
- Sandra English

EnviroSupply & Service Inc.,
This is what makes my day. I Thought I share my compliment with you:
I hope you are having a great week.
I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that all the RAE sensors arrived safe and sound on Sept. 30th.
Thank you again for your great customer service. I really appreciate all the hard work you did for us. It certainly made my job easier.
Thank you again for working with me on this. Your extra effort really made the difference.
Have a great weekend.
- Marc Kirkpatrick

I prefer to use EnviroSupply exclusively for renting PIDs, landfill gas meters, sounders, etc., and for purchasing things like nitrile gloves and bailers. In my experience, their equipment and service is head and shoulders better than Pine and Equipco and their prices are similar. Carlos and the rest of the team in Irvine are always exceptionally fast and helpful.
- Brian C.

Carbon Change-Out at UNIVAR’s San Jose Facility
The carbon change-out at the UNIVAR facility in San Jose was performed by two technicians from the Envirosupply Company. The contact person at their office was Joseph Hunter. These two field technicians from Envirosupply were directed to remove the spent 4,000 lbs of Virgin Liquid Phase Coconut Shell Carbon and replace it with new material. The spent carbon was to be put into steel, open-head drums.
A week before the change-out I was contacted by Joseph Hunter to confirm time and date. At that time he was informed that his technicians would have to attend a safety course upon entering the facility. I asked him to have his crew contact me on their arrival. The day before the job, Joe contacted me again to verify that all we planned was still happening with no changes.
On 9-20-11 his crew arrived on time and called as they were directed on arrival. They completed their UNIVAR safety course and went over all other safety aspects during our “tail-gate” meeting. The two techs were very efficient in setting up the site for production and also to keep the facility clean. They let me know when each vessel was empty so that we could both do the visual inspection. On the second vessel, more effort needed to be put into removing the carbon, as it had solidified. With a keen eye, He saw a hairline crack that was adversely affecting the lower screen device that prevents the carbon from being flushed out. We both agreed that it would break as we filled the vessel. I suggested an unusual repair method for the part because of UNIVAR’s ‘NO CONFINED SPACE ENTRY” policy. They instituted it as requested with complete success.
After filling and securing the drums with the waste carbon, they cleaned up the entire work area. They replaced the gaskets on the vessel lids when they saw that they were compromised.. Both the technicians were very good at their jobs as well as being genial. This was a refreshing experience.
- Leonard Law

Mr. Craig, The Source Group has been dealing with Envirosupply for many years and I decided it was time that I write to you letting you know about a couple of your employees who really stand out!!!!!!!
Whenever I need a piece of equipment delivered to our office, to a site, or have it picked up for servicing, I call Joseph and BINGO – next thing you know it has been taken care of. He is so very pleasant to deal with and extremely efficient. I don’t think I’ve ever had to remind him about a delivery or pick up and that is such a plus for me; I don’t appreciate having to remind another company to do their job (which I had to do just this morning). In addition to being bothersome and taking more of my time, it points out the inefficiency of the other company and, to me, reflects on their overall competency.
Your other stand out is Carlos. What a delightful guy he is!!!!!!!! Always so pleasant and happy but sticks to business and gets the job done.
You have evidently created an environment in which you allow employees to grow and develop their skills for the betterment of Envirosupply. Congratulations to you on creating this nurturing environment and to your employees for taking advantage of the opportunity you have provided for them.
- Rita B. Bemis